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When parents, Brian Powers and Darren McCarthy came together in a chance business networking meeting they immediately decided they had a lot in common. They were married for a little over a decade, they had small children and they were passionate about being fathers. Flash forward a year or so and a concept started to develop. Darren had a background in education, both in the public schools and private sector. Brian had a long career in marketing. Together, they decided the two worlds should come together.


Some of the most prolific educators and programs are not well known. The developers are busy working directly with students and parents. Their effort is a full court press on making the difference for their clients. They typically do not have marketing degrees, social media proficiency and time to create an imprint all over the internet.

This is the exact reason Sound Foundations for Parenting was created. Parents and their children deserve to know about (and use) the very best programs from around the globe. Also, every child is unique in their needs and challenges. Not one single endeavor is going to make the difference. However, we have a tendency, at least in the USA, to either rely fully on the school system or ask a tutor to take on the responsibility.

Honestly, some of these programs and strategies are coming from educators with over 50 years of experience. You just can’t develop something like that in a software factory. Plus, many programs are well-marketed, but the results just aren’t there long term.

What makes us so special?

There are 3,000 miles between New York and San Diego. These two coasts treat education in a different manner. A learning center on the east coast is typically a pre-school and a learning center on the west coast is a developmental approach to treating a learning challenge. It is important to understand this difference and realize there are many approaches to addressing the same challenge.

Founding Partner, Darren McCarthy received his education in New York, taught public school in South Carolina and Nevada and developed his skill set in San Diego, CA. This exposure to different sectors of the country combined with a decade working with professionals in the field of auditory intervention was unique. Along the way he witnessed the work of occupational therapists, speech and language pathologist, psychologists and educational therapists. Each professional approaches a challenge with a different program and a different perspective.

The principals of this program are designed to provide lasting results. We aim to empower parents so they can make the greatest difference for their children. When you combine “outside of the box thinking” from field experts and the passion to making lasting change from parents, the results are unstoppable.

So, how’d we do it?

Through the perseverance and diligence of Founding Partner, Brian Powers, we have developed a platform to share this information. Marketing efforts are continuously shifting. When you believe you have found the best methodology, the stream shifts. Brian has worked to keep up with these changes. He has developed a podcast, youtube channel, website, social media platform to share this unique information.

Parents can now go to one place to address challenges their children are facing. These issues may be as seemingly simple as sleep and nutrition to overcoming complex behavioral matters. When you have the best in the business providing content and strategies, the answers are at your fingertips.

Experience and expertise are provided by our network of professionals. Technology provides the streamlined platform to deliver it direct your cell phone if you wish.


About our team

DARREN MCCARTHY:    Darren founded Sound Foundations for Learning, Inc. where he provided assessment, consultation and services for children with learning challenges such as dyslexia and attention deficit. He also founded the Non-Profit Association for Learning Intervention. In addition to his educational experience, he was the president of Moyers Learning Systems. Through this endeavor he grew a network of learning specialists to 5,000 members in 9 countries through the course of 8 years. As the founding partner of Sound Foundations for Parenting, Darren is dedicated to finding experts in field of education and sharing their “outside the box strategies” with parents from around the globe. He is a graduate of Goshen High School and State University of New York at New Paltz. Darren and his wife Karen are dedicated to the parenting of two children, 8 years old and 10.


BRIAN POWERS: Brian has dedicated his career to the field of marketing and Public Relations. He was the director of integrated marketing and promotions for Clear Channel Radio.  From 209-2012 Brian was a senior admissions counselor for Mount Saint Mary College. Brian is passionate about using his knowledge in marketing to share important information with parents. Responsible for developing the firm’s marketing plan, which includes identifying target markets, business development opportunities and implementation strategies. This involves marketing JGS’s services to current and potential clients. Also, represent the firm via participation in professional, charitable and civic organizations throughout the Hudson Valley.

Are you ready?

So, if you are ready to gain access to some of the best training and programs for helping your child achieve in life, at home and in the classroom… We’re here for you.

Take the first step and see if we’re a good fit. Dive into our collective brain with our free gift so you can learn how to:

  • systematically achieve your parenting goals
  • access a network of “outside the box thinkers, pioneers in parenting and education
  • help your child be the “complete child” you always wanted them to be
  • address physical, social/emotional and cognitive challenges
  • learn practical strategies from professionals with decades of experience
  • plus so much more

Grab our very own Sound Foundations for Parenting Ebook here.

And if you’re already trying a lot of different things but want to simplify the process?

We recognize there are a lot of different offerings for parents. Many claim to “solve the issue.” What you are looking at in Sound Foundations for Parenting is a comprehensive approach to helping your child build strong roots so they grow for life. This strategy, combined with the knowledge of educators and parenting specialists from around the country can really make the long term difference for you and your family.

What we’re saying here is…you are the change agent in your child’s life. We are going to give you everything you need to succeed at the most difficult job on earth…parenting.

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