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An Edible Education for Everyone


When a friend of mine suggested I sign up for an online membership with a cooking with your kids program I laughed. There were a bunch of ideas rushing through my head I must admit. For example, I’m not exactly a health nut, nor am I a spend the afternoon cooking with your kid-kind of guy.

Then we had an epidemic and it forced an extended spring break and a mandatory stay at home ordinance. These two things led me to overcome my earlier hesitation and actively seek things to do with my children. Now, suddenly spending time in the kitchen directing my daughter and learning a few new recipes sounded like an awesome way to spend our time.

I searched far and wide for that information my friend shared earlier. There are many options online for cooking with the kids. I needed to find that particular program, because it offered much more than a recipe in a fancy box. Ah, I found it.

I immediately researched the program and signed up. Afterall, what did I have to lose? They have a free trial option and the worst-case scenario was a couple of hours with my daughter dancing around the kitchen. Not so bad, if you ask me. We filled out a quick form and wrote Mia’s name on the doc. She loves getting mail and this will add a little color to a dreary time of year.

A few short days later we received a little kit. The contents were a lot more than I expected. There was a utensil (which she later did not put down the entire time we were cooking.) Inside were menus and information about spring and an option to write different kinds of poems. We had three recipes to choose from. There are very few items in the grocery store in the moment, so we opted for carrot cake cookies. By some miracle, we had all but one ingredient and that was a simple task to accomplish.

Let me tell you something, we had a blast. My daughter is 8 and she had no problem following the instructions. They were written in a clear manner with plenty of pictures and clear directions. We worked together on measurement and we threw a little math in there as well. The most amazing thing about this experience, the cookies were delicious. I mean, awesome. We’re excited to move on to the chicken lettuce wraps.

We all know nutrition is vital for children. We do our best, but sometimes we just take the easier route. Afterall, we are parents and we are tired. They say the expenditure of energy leads to the gaining of more energy. I was never really sure what that meant. I’m learning. For me, it started with saying YES more often. It turns out the voice inside my head is pretty lazy. It likes to say no. Saying YES to this project of cooking in the kitchen through Raddish Kids added joy to my daughter’s day and happiness to my heart.

If we can spend more face to face time with our little ones we will deepen the roots of our relationship. Heck, if we can learn something, cook something and eat something along the way-everyone is a winner.

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