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Use It Or Lose It

Remember the saying “use it or lose it” ? The brain cells that receive stimulation through our senses, experiences, and activitie continue to develop and improve. Cells that do not receive stimulation tend to be lost through pruning. Our early years are the most active years of cell development. But complexity of cell development can…

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Executive Function

I tested a student last week who is 15-8 diagnosed two years ago with Noonan Syndrome. His early milestones were within normal limits but he did have to have a feeding tube about the time he was learning to crawl and has always been a picky eater. He is home-schooled and doing seventh grade work…

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Brain hacks nutrition

Many of us are aware of the impact of our food choices on our bodies. These same choices impact our brain health, also. A favorite statement in Dr. Lisa Mosconi’s book Brain Food emphasizes this point, “In spite of what our minds tell us when presented with a brownie what our brains actually crave is…

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