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Bad behavior….As easy as A B C

Bad behavior

Bad Behavior….As easy as ABC?We are all players in someone else’s play. The classroom is absolutely no different. The students day doesn’t begin the moment they walk into the room. As a parent you know the effort you put forth to get them on their feet, in the car or on the bus. You know…

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Publishing Your First Blog Post

A blog post (also known as an article), in this context, is a text only post that is outside of your podcast episodes and that doesn’t appear in iTunes or any pod-catcher.

Welcome to Podcast Websites, the all-in-one WordPress service just for podcasters. In this text post, Mark from Podcast Websites walks you through how to set up your first blog post / article. What is a blog post / article and how does it fit into my website? A blog post (also known as an article), in this…

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