Episode 16 – Big Rocks Little Kids

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On this special episode, we’ve got 4 dads representing 9 kids across 3 states. We’re excited to introduce you to Greg Rollett (father of 3), and Matthew Goldfarb (father of 1), co-hosts of the Dad Chat Podcast. We worked on a joint project with the Dad Chat Folks that we’re excited to call “Big Rocks, Little Kids — A 30-Day Calendar, Planner & Resources To Help You And Your Kids Succeed At Home, which you can download for free by visiting bigrockslittlekids.com right now.

What are Big Rocks? They are the big foundational items that every parent needs to focus on every day in order for their kids to thrive. Some “Big Rocks” include Sleep, Exercise, and Nutrition. When you ensure that you focus on the big rocks every day, you can then start to move onto the little rocks as well.

We cover a lot in this episode (there’s 4 of us so we’ve got a lot to say), but listed below are some choice quotes presented in no particular order: “We need to over communicate.” “We don’t know what we don’t know.” “Your emotional state will have an impact on how your kids get through this.” “But if we get through this whole thing and our kids are able to get through a pandemic in one piece. It’s a success

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Episode 16 – Big Rocks Little Kids

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