Episode 17: Tune In Tune Up Your Brain

Learning Ears Episode 17

Episode: 17
Title: Gayle Moyers Learning Ears
Subtitle: Tune In Tune Up Your Brain

In this episode of Sound Foundations for Parenting …we have Gayle Moyers

Gayle Moyers developed has worked with more than 2700 students and 500 adults helping people achieve their potential. Her Learning Ears® System teaches your brain how to connect the pieces that disrupt your thinking.

From ADHD to Dyslexia to Spectrum classifications, The Learning Ears® System will teach your brain how to overcome challenges that have been diagnosed as insurmountable.

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In this episode, you we discuss:

  • Gayle’s journey through the educational system
  • Her influences along the way
  • Understanding the importance of using music to help learning challenges
  • The Learning Ears Program
  • Download Gayle’s new book here www.learningears.com for free
  • The important work of Stephanie Merritt, Mind, Music and Imagery
  • The important work of Doman-Delacato
  • The Triune Brain Theory-see previous episode with Gayle
  • What’s Music Got To Do With It?
  • Anxiety vs. Attention Deficit (what’s the difference?)

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Episode 17: Tune In Tune Up Your Brain

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