Episode 20: Why Smart Students Struggle

In this episode of Sound Foundations for Parenting we welcome back our friend Gayle Moyers.  This is episode is the audio from a webinar Gayle offered recently.

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In this episode, we discuss:.

  • Two sides and three layers to a brain, linear and visual sides
  • Bottom brain is the survival brain and the first to develop
  • Middle Brain is the emotion, language, and intuition
  • Top Brain is the neo-cognitive brain or thinking brain
  • Anxiety and stress trump learning
  • Music can relieve stress and open up the brain for learning
  • In order to be able to learn you have to know what you’re seeing, hearing and be able to differentiate the perception
  • Learning difficulties are usually in the auditory input and how it is perceived
  • Before labels can be applied such as ADD, ODD, ADHD, Etc. you must first rule out depression, stress, and learning disabilities
  • Nutrition could also be a factor in a student’s struggle to learn
  • If there is too much sugar in the diet, the brain has a sugar drop and you have trouble focusing, which can mimic ADHD
  • Children do not learn well if they are in charge
  • To be able to learn you need a balanced diet, good behavior, and a correct diagnosis
  • Every child is smart enough

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Episode 20: Why Smart Students Struggle

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