Episode 21: How to improve productivity while handling family.

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In this episode of Sound Foundations for Parenting …we welcome Prash K.

Prash is an international wellbeing and mindset coach, speaker, Podcast Host and social media influencer, who is the Founder of the Urban Spirituality and Mantra Therapy movements, and StressToSuccess Consulting.

He has worked with global corporates and community spiritual organizations over the past 25+ years, in the areas of business and mindset transformation, empowerment, conscious leadership and total wellbeing.

In this episode, you we discuss:

  • The depth of a person’s wallet is not equal to the depth of their character
  • Crisis’s and uncertainty throw emotions around, shows a person’s true character
  • If you can work on yourself, we know we can be the best versions of ourselves once this is over
  • It is easy to blame others for our current circumstances, if you take personal responsibility it is easier to lead a life you want to have
  • Blaming looks at the past, taking responsibility looks at the future
  • Restoring focus is important to get through the uncertain times
  • People’s attitudes and appetites have changed during the pandemic
  • If we are not communicating our newfound boundaries with the other members around us, that is likely a conflict
  • You need to be able to cut yourself some slack and look after yourself. Do not over work yourself, or demand to much from yourself
  • You need to be able to manage household expectations during these times
  • Family meetings are important to check in with everyone and see how they are doing and what is happening. It is also helpful to create a schedule.
  • Productivity increases as family comes together as one
  • Virtual playdates and parenting pods are also helpful during these times
  • If the household is being micromanaged, it will decrease productivity as well as focus and increase stress
  • We do still have choices during this pandemic
  • What is your intent for the day, make a space for your office time and change location often, use the calendar to mark time out with employees for yourself or time with household members
  • Set your boundaries
  • Use a task app, to keep track of everything going on in your day-to-day life, both work and personal as well as household members
  • Have a friend doing the task app with you so you are held accountable for your responsibilities and vice versa
  • Identify the big rocks (projects) (3-5 a week), M.I.Ts (most important tasks), and input them into your calendar
  • Man means mind and tra means to free or release from. Mantras are intended to free the mind from its encaged thoughts

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Episode 21: How to improve productivity while handling family.

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