Episode 22: You Child Has Unlimited Potential

In this episode of Sound Foundations for Parenting …we welcome Bob Doman.

Bob Doman is the Founder and Director of the National Association for Child Development (NACD), which he founded in 1979 and is also the founder of the NACD International Academy. The Association operates through 14 chapters around the country and serves clients internationally, with chapters in London, Bucharest, Sydney, New Delhi, and Bucharest. Bob and his staff have designed and supervised over three million hours of individual developmental and educational intervention programs for children.

Bob is an innovator in neurological, sensory, perceptual, cognitive, and educational interventions and has created not only hundreds of specific techniques and methodologies, but has developed an entirely new paradigm for education and maximizing human potential.

Bob has been a leader in the homeschool movement since the early ‘70s, and has been a strong advocate for individualization of education and assisting children in developing their unique talents and passions.

Bob was perhaps the first person to understand working memory and its significance to children, and not only that it could be changed and developed, but how to do it.  Bob’s impact on child development and education relative to working memory has opened new doors to higher function for individuals around the world.

Today Bob is a leading innovator in neurodevelopment and an unwavering champion of the innate potential within every human being.  He continues to serve individual clients and their families, as well as to promote the benefits of the neurodevelopmental approach to educators and public leaders in the United States and around the world.

In this episode, you we discuss:

  • Home Schooling should be called Home Education instead
  • Educators are not looking at the broken system, instead they are focusing on what they teach instead of how it is processing
  • All growth and development is a reflection of Neuroplasticity
  • Neuroplasticity tells us we need to be very targeted in what we do
  • Education should be built around short term working and executive functioning, which is not done in traditional education
  • Children often get an assessment to show what the problem is, but the school and educators do not fix it
  • To fix the way kids learn you need to address certain problems first
  • Need to turn the child onto learning to make it possible to happen
  • When you teach the child, they remember what is taught
  • The more individualized teaching, the faster and easier it becomes
  • The further from 1:1 ratio the less effective education becomes
  • Chores and responsibilities help teach kids
  • Creating four positives for every one negative helps to reinforce positive learning skills
  • There are three steps parents should take to help children learn
  • Chores, by structuring chores into their daily schedule it will teach them responsibility and how to contribute to the household, it will also help with their self image, maturity, and intentions
  • Accelerate reading, it will teach kids to love reading
  • Work individually on math, it will target where your child is at and help you find a process to teach them in a more productive manner
  • Teach your child to love whatever you are trying to teach, it will help make them a lifelong learner

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Founding Partner, Darren McCarthy received his education in New York, taught public school in South Carolina and Nevada and developed his skill set in San Diego, CA. This exposure to different sectors of the country combined with a decade working with professionals in the field of auditory intervention was unique. Along the way he witnessed the work of occupational therapists, speech and language pathologist, psychologists and educational therapists. Each professional approaches a challenge with a different program and a different perspective. 
If you are seeking a guest to offer an outside the box perspective on education, Darren is the one for the job.

Episode 22: You Child Has Unlimited Potential

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