Episode 6 – Your Child Is A Whole Person

Brenda Lana’s passion to help struggling students become successful learners led to the establishment of Pathfinders in 2003. She began her career in education in 1994 at a small private school and later taught third, fourth, and fifth grade in the Saddleback Unified School District in Southern California. She worked at the Orange County Department of Education as a Reading Resource Teacher in Special Education where she trained teachers in reading the instruction and facilitated classroom instruction. She is certified as a Dyslexia Remediation Specialist.

She has spent the past several years studying the latest research about the brain and has been trained in specialized programs to retrain the brain and develop underlying skills. The traditional approach to diagnose and treat learning difficulties is incomplete. We now know that the brain has an attribute known as plasticity, meaning it can change.

What new research reveals is that there are layers of brain function that affect all areas of learning – layers of function that were not adequately addressed in the past. These layers include processing speed, working memory, visual and auditory processing, attention, planning, and organization. All these skills are critical for reading, math, and writing – all academic skills. Without a strong foundation in all these areas, even the simplest of academic tasks become difficult.

Brenda is a reading specialist, edu-therapeutics certificate hold, owner of Pathfinders Learning Inc. and child advocate.

Today, you’ll discover Brenda’s go-to tactics for helping a child maximize their learning potential.

“A child is a whole person. You have to work on multiple areas in order to achieve results that truly last.” – Brenda Lana

Some topics that were discussed include

  • What 25 years in education has taught her
  • How Auditory Processing and Attention Deficit are very different
  • How reading is essential and lasting change impacts confidence
  • The importance of bilateral integration in teading
  • The biggest secret in advocating for your child
  • Balance exercises and how they can be done at home
  • Deep diaphragmatic breathing and its purpose
  • Using brain gym excel uses to help with regulation
  • WHAT parents should look for when it comes to attention challenges

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Episode 6 – Your Child Is A Whole Person

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