Episode 7: Begin at the Beginning.

In this episode Darren and Brian covered topics for kicking off the New Year.  Some topics we discussed include:

  • The feeling of being overwhelmed is natural.
  • It is important to take care of yourself so you can take better care of your child.
  • You must be present and calm in order to learn.
  • Observation is vital
  • Begin at the beginning
  • Use child development model to prioritize goals
  • Focus on how your child learns over what they are learning
  • The physical component of holding the pencil takes precedent over creative writing.

Founding Partner, Darren McCarthy received his education in New York, taught public school in South Carolina and Nevada and developed his skill set in San Diego, CA. This exposure to different sectors of the country combined with a decade working with professionals in the field of auditory intervention was unique. Along the way he witnessed the work of occupational therapists, speech and language pathologist, psychologists and educational therapists. Each professional approaches a challenge with a different program and a different perspective.

“It is vital for a parent to focus on how a child learns prior to what they are learning, it can save valuable time and money.” – Darren McCarthy

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Episode 7: Begin at the Beginning.

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