Episode 8: Family Engagement

Dr. Pam Bruening, Founder and CEO of DeeperDive Learning, Inc. utilizes 30 years of educational experience to bring her curriculum and data analysis expertise to the development of educational products and software designed to enhance the ability of educators and parents to provide effective seamless intervention.

“Breaking consistent patterns and schedules means it is going to take ten times more effort to get the structure back. If the parent or teacher builds more structure, there is more room to have freedom.” – Dr. Pam Bruening

Some topics that were discussed include:

Episode 8

  • Everybody has to be involved in the family unit, a full team approach
  • The gift of structure
  • The power of modeling
  • Start with the ideal and back into it
  • Choices, decisions and consequences
  • Family engagement
  • The importance of having the family together
  • Expectation. Consistency, Follow Through are key elements of successful parenting.
  • It’s a community effort
  • Family and community is often neglected in the learning process
  • Educators are learners and always want to be better
  • Technology promotes changes and necessitates the problem solving framework in our lives.
  • Deeper Dive has a library of videos and training called Family U
  • Lots of topics
  • Technology like never before
  • Need training to be interactive and readily available in small doses.
  • Intentional use of time for building relationships with our kids is vital in order to to be successful in our world
  • Convenience and doing what is easiest is not always what’s right for your child.

Contact Dr. Pam Bruening:  pam.bruening@gmail.com

Dr. Pamela Bruening, CEO of DeeperDive Learning, Inc., is one of the nation’s preeminent experts in RTI/MTSS, Positive Behavior Support, and has incredible experience as an educator, administrator, professional learning developer, strategist, consultant, curriculum writer, online content curator, author, speaker, and implementer of services.  Offering more than 28 years of K-College classroom experience, Dr. Bruening has also served as a school-based and district administrator in a large Florida district.  There she planned and implemented several major initiatives, including MTSS and PBIS, in 51 schools and led a variety of implementation teams as part of that process.   Dr. Bruening’s nation-wide consulting practice in struggling schools and districts supports a current and visionary focus for the needs of students and educators in 21st Century schools and classrooms.

Dr. Bruening has recently served as the President of the National Alternative Education Association and has been a consultant for the National Dropout Prevention Center.  She currently serves on the Georgia State’s Alternative Education Advisory Board.  In addition, she serves on the Board of Directors for Continental, Inc. and Innovative Technologies in Print.  Dr. Bruening has authored more than 50 children’s books related to character and social-emotional learning.  Her extensive knowledge of the educational marketplace, K-College educational systems and practices, as well as her practical knowledge in learning theory, enable her success in providing high quality learning experiences for both parents and educators across a broad spectrum of topics. 

References & links mentioned:

  • www.deeperdivelearning.com  Use the code completechild for 15% off your purchase
  • The Gift of Structure Training
  • Family Engagement Training

Here is a video they created specifically for FamilyU & engaging millennial parents. 

Episode 8: Family Engagement

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