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Building Life Long Confidence

In this episode of Sound Foundations for Parenting we talk with Breanne Smedley

Breanne together with her sister-in-law run the ‘Elite Competitor’ a Confidence Coaching program that helps female athletes develop confidence, resilience and motivations in and outside the court. 

Together they run a thriving community helping women of all ages believe in limitless possibilities, overcome mistakes and manage stress. A scholarship student and rising volleyball athlete she struggled with confidence in her high school years. 

After attending her senior year she learned that confidence can be developed with the right strategies. Now, Breanne provides other women with strategies and skills to handle pressure, transform negative self-talk, and become more resilient.  

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Difference between Real Confidence and  Fake Confidence
  • Self Belief
  • Letting go of expectations and fear letting people down
  • Getting over mistakes 
  • Let go of the perfectionism
  • Confidence boosting techniques
  • The process VS the outcome

Breanne has a special giveaway for our listeners. Click below to download your Parent Cheat Sheet “What to Say Before, During, and After Competition to Build Confidence in Your Athlete” to help you dive further into exactly how to help your child cultivate lasting unshakeable confidence.

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