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Who’s Raising Whom?

Dr. Waldman is a recently semi-retired licensed clinical, forensic psychologist in Phoenix, Arizona. He conducted a highly successful private practice of 45 years working with children, teens, parents, couples, and adults in a solution-focused manner. He also consulted with family, personal injury, immigration and estate planning attorneys. His BS in Education/Psychology was from the University of Wisconsin; his MS in School Psychology was from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; his Ph.D. in Educational/School Psychology was earned at Arizona State University; and his Diplomate (ABPP) was received in 2003.

Waldman was the past president of the Maricopa Psychological Society, the Director of Psychological Services for Charter Psychiatric Hospital of Glendale and was an “Official Guide” (top expert) on Parenting for He continues as a Medical Consultant for the Social Security Office in Phoenix, an adjunct graduate professor in the Counseling Department for the University of Phoenix, and serves on the professional advisory board of Stepping Stones of Hope, a charitable organization serving children whom have lost a parent. Waldman is the co-chair of the Early Career Psychologists Committee with the Arizona Psychological Association (AzPA).  He is also certified by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) as a (senior) fitness specialist. 

In addition to numerous articles which have been published in the local Phoenix media and in the national press, Waldman has (thus far) written seven books: Who’s Raising Whom? Coping with Your Adolescent; How Come I Love Him But Can’t Live with Him? The Graduate Course You Never Had; Too Busy Earning a Living to Make Your Fortune? Overcoming Your Negotiaphobia: Negotiating Through Your Life; and Love Your Child More Than You Hate your Ex.

Dr. Waldman trained as a public speaker. His signature presentations are: The Business of Private Practice—The Graduate Course You Never Had and Teaching Parents to Parent. He has made over 150 paid presentations in his career to attorneys, chiropractors, psychologists, family therapists, counselors, social workers, school psychologists and school counselors. To the community Waldman speaks on parenting, marriage, stress, depression and anxiety, wellness, grand parenting and psychotherapy. He also is a seasoned podcast guest. His seminars are organized, practical and entertaining—offering “edutainment.”

In this episode we discussed:

·      Parent Training through reinforcement

·      Making the behavioral school of psychology translatable and relatable to parents.

·      What is reinforcement?

·      The Sleeping Dog Philosophy

·      What is the child learning?

·      Parental time and attention.

·      Addressing Inappropriate Behavior than Appropriate.

·      Contingent Time Following Appropriate Behavior.

·      Important Rules of Reinforcement.

·      Setting a contingency.

·      Resilience

·      Be specific with your child.

·      Timing and reinforcement

·      Immediate reinforcement

·      How much time are you dealing with inappropriate behavior?

·      Your kids are living what they are learning.

·      The negative attention trail.

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