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What IS Learning Ears®?Learning Ears® was researched and developed by Gayle Moyers to provide advanced auditory stimulation and voice training to improve a person’s ability to understand and process information.

Listening is an active process and requires intention and specific abilities to be able to receive and understand information from our body and our environment.

Not only does our auditory system protect us from noises and sounds we do not want to hear, it also provides energy to the brain and body that results in effective processing and thinking necessary for coordination, movement, balance, language and literacy.

In order to be a functional learner, an individual must be able to listen and think, read and think, and say what he wants to say in a few words. The ability to accurately read and receive oral language is critical.

In our experience, the majority of comprehension problems are related to poor decoding of written material and weak receptive language for oral material. When words are not read or heard accurately and efficiently, comprehension will be compromised.

Raddish Kids is a cooking club, culinary lesson, and mealtime solution all-in-one.  We make cooking and sharing a meal fun for the whole family!

Join Raddish.  Our cooking club has something for all ages.  Young children work alongside an adult, while older kids and teens indulge their culinary curiosity! And it’s perfect for picky eaters — kids who cook, eat!

Receive Your Kit.  A new kit is delivered to your doorstep every month.   Each kit features a new culinary theme! We also email you a shopping list prior to delivery.

Start Cooking! The kitchen is the tastiest place to learn.  Kids develop new cooking skills and confidence in the kitchen all while the entire family builds memories together.

Sound is everywhere, it is as much a part of our lives as the air we breathe, and the food we eat.  But, have you ever considered the impact of sound on your mental and physical health? Research shows that certain types of music can improve your health and brain performance. That’s what The Listening Program is about, improving your sound brain fitness. Our team of experts develops sound tracks of evidence-based music to improve your attention, memory, listening, creativity, and communication, while reducing stress, and enhancing your cognitive health, mood and sense of well-being. Our customers experience positive and often life changing results in school, work, and home. And now so can you!

Online tool designed to tackle learning & attention challenges.  Guided program designed to strengthen your memory, cognition, and more! Simply Smarter takes just minutes a day. Use the brain training tools online at your own pace.  Online activities are targeted to your current skill level and adapt as your skills improve.  Your Simply Smarter dashboard displays badges and unlocks new activities as your scores improve.  We offer monthly plans for individuals, families, and larger groups like schools and businesses.

Are you ready to help your child be a better learner?  Gayle L. Moyers, educator, trainer, consultant, product developer and author has created Parent Power to share the secrets she learned in over 50 years of education.   Through this this easy to understand format you will learn…Learning Readiness, How vs. What We Learn, the Power of Music. The Role of The Professional and Parents Make The Difference.

Instead of complicating the role of input, storage and retrieval in learning, Gayle describes the process in very understandable terms.  You will also learn about “How we learn vs what we learn”. This practical approach will change the way you think and possibly save you thousands of dollars and hours.
Gayle also shares some real gems about Learning Readiness, The Role if the Professionals and Parent Power. Don’t miss out on learning the biggest secret she learned in 50 years of teaching.

Engage parents and families for greater student success!  FamilyU provides modules to support parents with discipline, reading at home, building reading & math fluency, cyber security, & more!

K-12 teachers love the interactive, social, bite-sized learning experiences provided in this professional learning library! Courses support common school/district initiatives and are easily customized!

For adults with a GED or diploma, this library encompasses some of the most valuable workforce skills including communication, leadership, taking the initiative, social media use, & diversity. Prepare your teachers and aspiring leaders to take effective leadership roles in their schools.  This library encompasses different levels of leadership training, as well as hot topics for educational leaders.

How can I make life at home with the kids more manageable? How can I work in all of the critical “Big Rock” goals for my little kids into my schedule? And most importantly, how can this be done without one of two fundamental mistakes:

1. Letting the kids run free for the entire day ahead of them with nothing but screen time and their imagination to fill the void.

2. Scheduling EVERY hour and EVERY minute of EVERY DAY (We call this the “Drill Sergeant Approach.” If you want to create a wedge between you and your children, this is an excellent way to do it.)

As with all things, the answer lies somewhere in the middle. That’s why I’m proud to introduce: Big Rocks, Little Kids, A 30-Day Calendar, Planner, and Resources To Help You and Your Kids Succeed at Home.

While there may be no perfect guidebook for raising your child, this resource will certainly help you cover your bases and maintain a focus on doing the right things to support them on their road to success. BIG ROCKS LITTLE KIDS

Consider this a blueprint for you to plan your day in an organized, realistic fashion.